In Uncertain Times The World Needs Leaders More Than Ever!

Layla Fay Leadership exists to empower leaders in construction

to develop strong teams and bring innovation to industry.

Your Leadership

All leaders need a safe place to gain fresh perspective and wisdom. With 20 years of experience in developing teams, Layla Fay calls out the gold in individuals helping them find their voice and advance in their expertise.

Your Resources

As an innovator and leader in any organization one must be able to be a wise and shrewd steward of resources including time, finance, equipment and talent.  Discover how to be leverage both assets and liabilities for greater efficacy and growth.

Your Team

No one can truly do it alone, a strong thriving company is built on the power and unity of their team. Layla Fay Leadership helps create the best systems for growth and development of a flexible, committed team that serves the company and it's clients with focused excellence.

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Meet Layla Fay

Growing up as a daughter of a general contractor and roofer, Layla understands the grit that is required to flourish and excel in a tough industry.  She has witnessed her parents having it all and losing it all, only to rise and build again.  Today she is passionate about helping innovative leaders build with a strong strategic foundation and a flexibility that can roll with market changes and still thrive.

"Layla's passion for people is magnetic and the energy she brings to teams is dynamic," says Mende Nofsinger, former co-worker and entrepreneur. 

Now is a time to flex, adapt and reveal your grit! Layla Fay Leadership exists to Empower leaders in construction to build influence and legacy.  As a veteran Consultant & Coach, Layla helps establish healthy alignment of identity and purpose within organizations.  Her collaborative strategies and tools help Drive custom solutions for both individual leaders and corporations to develop thriving cultures that fuel expertise, efficiency and market growth.  If you're ready to examine and grow Your Leadership, Your Resources and Your Team you're in the right place.   
  • Building Excellence

    “Having a supportive outsider's perspective on issues has kept us from settling with what is "normal" to us and instead allows for us to stretch for "being the best". Layla is patient and insightful, looking at the heart of matters and the players involved and works to find solutions that benefit the whole. ”

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    Executive Team Leader, Elk Creek Forest Products

  • Building Excellence

    “We came to Layla Fay needing to expand our team as well as create systems and best practices for on-boarding. My anxiety was high and I was stressed and overwhelmed, my husband and I were seeking greater work-life balance. As owner-operator of our construction business, my husband was constantly on the road and in the field, it was our desire to have him home more. Today, he travels less; our family is focused on our health; and I have learned simple organizational skills that I’m implementing. Daily I operate from a greater place of peace even on overwhelming days.”

    CC Clute

    Owner & Operator Direct Drilling

  • Building Excellence

    “Working with Layla Fay has absolutely transformed my mindset and my business. Working with her is so worth every penny!”

    Lisa Holt Headshot

    Assistant Director of Sport Fish Division, Alaska Department of Fish & Game

  • Building Excellence

    “My experience with Layla has been excellent. We have experienced momentum in many areas where we have felt somewhat stuck. Her ability to see and speak truth into situations as well as the visionary aspect she brings has brought an encouragement to take action on things and directions that we know to. She has supported our leadership in many ways, but one way that I particularly love is the freedom to operate as we all do and be who we are thus creating strength within the team to serve the company well. Also provided has been the assistance in building of several items we have been trying to create (training, etc).

    Layla has the ability to come along-side people as a true partner. Working with several coaches and having received many good things from them, it honestly ended up feeling like they had an agenda or a perspective that they felt you should move into and would begin leading in such a way (which we had negative consequences from several times). I so very much appreciate Layla's ability to approach us and our company in an atmosphere of freedom. ”

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    Company Culture Lead, Elk Creek Forest Products

  • Building Excellence

    “Coaching with Layla has our leadership refocused on company objectives - helping drive movement and higher-level execution. Our experience with her drives company-wide movement by unifying our executive team. Layla's focus on wholeness and the well-being of the person really enhances the experience and has propelled my leadership growth. Her business experience and ability to quickly understand our business model has made her a valuable and insightful partner. I truly enjoy working together and learning from her.”

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    HR Director, Elk Creek Forest Products